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Vegetables to sow in August

Aug (2)

This month sees your outside space in it's prime with many vegetables ready to be enjoyed.

With the weather still warm, August is a great time to sow quick-growing crops such as Lettuce, Radish and Mustard. These conditions are suited to longer-cropping vegetables too, so that they can benefit from the higher temperatures prior to the cold spells in autumn and winter. Starting vegetables like Turnips and Cabbages now secures a wealth of produce during the colder months.

If you are implementing a crop rotation plan, adding Green Manure to empty spaces in your vegetable patch will help to limit weeds and improve soil structure in between the sowing season.

Veg to sow this month:

Our priorities:

Our priorities include quick-growing vegetables like Lettuce and Radish, as well as Turnips and Cabbages which will grow throughout autumn and winter.

Top Varieties:

Explore our selection of our top varieties to begin sowing this month.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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