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Vegetables to sow in June


As we enter the month of June we are rapidly approaching summer and, with that, higher temperatures. Because of this consistent weather, it makes the perfect condition to sow seeds directly outdoors and transplant seedlings.

From June onwards rainfall is minimal so it is worth mentioning that watering should be increased to ensure the soil surrounding plants is moist.

With careful planning, this month is the perfect time to grow multiple harvests by successional sowing. This is an effective way to produce tasty veg throughout the season, taking advantage of the warm soil to grow quickly.

Once the first crops have been harvested, ensure young plants are ready to take their place immediately so that they have the most amount of time to mature.

Veg to sow this month:

Our priorities:

Our priorities include swede ahead of the winter season, and successive sowings of carrots and beans.

Top Varieties:

Explore our selection of our top varieties to begin sowing this month.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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