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Cut flowers

Enjoy colourful and fragrant blooms in your home that you have grown in your garden!

A large number of annuals and perennials can be used as cut flowers and are a great way to brighten your indoor space. Cutting flowers not only provides you with an excellent indoor display, but it can also encourage growth and gives extra room for flowers to bloom.

Discover our favourites below which all make bold additions to fresh, or dried flower displays.

Our Vase favourites:

Cosmos (sensation mix)

Cosmos are a popular choice for floral displays due to their vibrant colours and delicate appearance. The flowers have long, sturdy stems which are perfect to tailor to various vase sizes and arrangements.

Mix Cosmos with greenery or other delicate blooms to create a wildflower look. With care, these can last up to a week as cut flowers.

Sweet Pea (Matucana)

Sweet peas add a touch of elegance to cut flower displays with their paper-like blooms. Often selected for their fragrance, Sweet peas will introduce a rich scent to your home.

The flowers can be arranged on their own, or can be complimented with peonies/roses, but be sure to choose a vase that supports their delicate stems.

Zinnia (Thumbelina mix)

Zinnias are a favourite amongst gardeners and florists for their long lasting, textured blooms.

Due to their large heads, Zinnias benefit from larger vases and are often displayed in their own right, or paired with sunflowers.

These hardy flowers can last up to 10 days.

Dahlia (Bishop's children)

Dahlias produce striking blooms and are available in a variety of colours, making them an ideal cut flower.

An attractive focal point in displays, Dahlias look great paired with Ornamental Grasses or Rudbeckia.

Ensure any foliage that will be submerged in the water is removed to prevent bacterial growth.

Sweet William (Double Mix)

Sweet William produces clusters of charming blooms in pinks, reds, and white.

These flowers are a great addition to cottage style arrangements not only for their beautiful colours, but also for their delightful fragrance.

Due to their slim stems, the flowers should be arranged in a narrow vase, and are commonly displayed on their own, or paired with Stocks.

Cornflower (Polka Dot Mix)

Cornflowers are easy to grow and have a long vase life, making them a perfect cut flower for all gardeners.

With a thistle-like appearance, these pastel coloured blooms are great in wildlower arrangements and are equally as attractive when dried.

With care, you can enjoy these joyful flowers for up to 10 days.

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