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Vegetables to sow in January


January may seem like a dormant period for the garden, but as the new year unfolds it is the perfect time to get a head start on the growing season.

Plants and seedlings require plenty of light to thrive. With reduced daylight hours in winter, seeds must be grown inside. Growth can be aided with heat mats and grow lights.

The benefits of sowing your seeds earlier include:

  • Extending your growing season
  • Enjoying earlier harvests
  • Having more resilient plants ready to transplant once the threat of frost has passed.

Veg to sow this month:

Our priorities:

Our priorities include vegetables that require a long growing season such as Aubergines and Hot Peppers. These are perfect to start in a heated propagator to encourage germination and growth.

Top Varieties:

Explore our selection of our top varieties to begin sowing this month.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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