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Why grow perennials?

Perennial plants come in a range of shapes and sizes and live for many years in the garden. Unlike annual plants, that need replanting every spring, perennials regrow from the same roots each year, producing beautiful blooms.

Most often planted in borders and containers, these hardy flowers survive outdoors all year round, with just a few requiring protection over winter.

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The lifespan of perennials differ depending on the variety. ‘Short-lived’ perennials last up to four years, whereas others can live past 10 years.


The advantages of sowing perennials:

  • Perennials offer a large range of colours, textures, and foliage.
  • They are easy to grow and come back year-after-year.
  • Most perennials are hardier than annuals and require less care.
  • Nearly all have a deep root system which helps to prevent erosion and means that they can tolerate dry spells.

Popular Perennials:

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