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Flowers for pots and patios

Explore our top picks of annual flowers that are suitable for planting in pots, containers, and baskets. Perfect for those with limited outside space, pots are a great way to introduce colour, fragrance, and wildlife to patios and gravelled areas.

Choosing the right pot:

It is important to select the right pot when planting out depending on the size, variety, location, and needs of the plant.

Terracotta pots, typically suited to colder climates, are made from a porous material that promotes airflow and stops roots from being suffocated. After watering, these clay pots absorb moisture which ensures the soil is well drained, and prevents root rot. Plants that prefer moist conditions, however, will not thrive in terracotta as they need to be watered regularly.

Plastic pots have high water retention and are therefore a great choice for those plants that prefer moist conditions. Because of this, they are also more suited for gardeners who are unable to water frequently. Plastic pots are now more durable and are easier to move around your garden due to their light weight.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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