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Vegetables to sow in March


As we move into March, we witness the first signs of life in the garden and welcome the start of spring. This month delivers longer and warmer days and is the time all eager gardeners have been waiting for.

However, with the ground still a little cold, and the last frost still looming, it is important to only sow seeds that you can protect either under cloches, or inside. The unpredictable weather can snatch your seedlings, so be sure not to rush the planting out process.

If you spot weeds sprouting in your vegetable patch or beds in the latter part of the month, it's a good sign that some of your hardy seedlings could withstand these conditions.

Veg to sow this month:

Our priorities:

Our priorities include Potatoes and Beetroot which can both be sown in the colder weather that March brings.

Top Varieties:

Explore our selection of our top varieties to begin sowing this month.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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