Tomato Figiel


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Tomato Figiel

Tomato Figiel. A stunning orange cocktail sized fruiting variety producing heavy crops of 3cm (25 Gram) fruits on medium to tall plants.  Indeterminate

Cultivation advice Tomato Figiel

  • Sow in spring 1/16 inch deep in fine seed grade compost.
  • Germination takes around 6-14 days at 65-75F.
  • Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 3 inch pots.
  • Grow on under cooler conditions and when about 8 inches tall,
  • either plant in their growing position in the greenhouse or gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions
  • and plant out 18 inches apart in a warm and sunny spot in moist,
  • fertile well drained soil and keep watered.