Pumpkin Wicked F1


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Pumpkin Wicked F1

A superb quality larger ?monster? Hallowe?en F1 pumpkin specifically suited to cultivation in the UK and other countries with a cooler climate. Early maturing, even in cool summers, it has a vibrant deep orange smooth skin which is easy to carve and the fruits store well due to their good tolerance to soft rots. Strong fruit stalks (handles) mean they stay attached strongly to the fruit after harvest which further improves storage and appearance. (6-8 KG / 25-32 cm diameter)

 Cultivation advice Pumpkin Wicked F1

  • A sunny spot protected from strong winds is essential.
  • The soil must be well drained and rich in humus, the more the better.
  • Pumpkins like to sprawl out and need plenty of space for the vines to spread out.
  • For an early start (Mid / Late Apr) place a single seed edgeways 1/2inch deep in seed compost in a 3inch pot. The critical part is temperature, these need at least 65 F continuous soil temperature (preferably more to maximize germination rates) until germinated, so a propagator, well heated greenhouse or airing cupboard is ideal
  • Once germinated keep the soil moist and water copiously around the plants, not over them.
  • Keep weed free to allow air circulation.
  • Once the fruits start to swell feed every 14 days with a tomato type fertilizer, these are greedy plants. Limit larger fruiting varieties to 2-3 fruits (for giant pumpkins 1).