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 Spinach Palco F1 is a high yielding variety, well suited to summer cultivation with steady growth and good tolerance to bolting.  Excellent resistance to Downy Mildew A,B,C & D and can an be used for Micro greens or left to mature.

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit  

  • Sow thinly from around Mar as soon as the soil can be worked through to Jul at 5-10 mm deep.
  • Best to successional sow smaller amounts every 3-4 weeks through the summer.
  • Row spacing should be around 25 cm.
  • They will need watering to achieve germination during very warm / dry periods
  • Can also be sown in September to October under glass for over winter crops.
  • Thin seedlings to 5 cm apart for ‘baby leaves’ and 10 cm for larger plants.