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Cabbage Red Kalibos


  • Product: Cabbage
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  • Seed Count: 200 seeds
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Cabbage Red Kalibos

Red Cabbage Kalibos is a sweet flavoured, pointed red cabbage and the heads weigh around 2kg. This heritage variety is best grown for late summer and autumn use. This colourful variety is ideal for shredding raw into salads.

 Cultivation advice Cabbage Red Kalibos

Sow Indoors: March-May

Days To Germination: 5-7 days

Optimum Soil Temperature: 20-25 °C

Planting Depth: 13mm

Plant Height: 30cm

Plant Spacing: 45-60cm

Light: Full Sun

  • Can be sown under cover or directly outdoors March – May. Sow 2-3 seeds together every 12 inches. Planting depth 13mm.
  • When seedlings are 1 inch tall thin to one plant every 12 inches.
  • The soil should be firm and benefit from well-rotted organic matter, it will also benefit from being limed.
  • Plant cabbage in a sunny location where no cabbage was grown the year before. Keep weed free, moist and protect against pests.
  • Harvest in early / mid-winter.

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