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One of the joys of growing your own is discovering something new or trying something different, these are some of our favourite unusual or different veg.


These tiny fruits originate in Central America, deliver a taste of watermelon with  a hint of lime.  The trailing vines are rampant and at home in any unheated glasshouse as well as a sunny sheltered spot outdoors.

Carrot Deep Purple F1


Carrot Deep Purple new. Striking deep purple F1 variety that holds its colour far better than most others when cooked.  The variety is a rich dark blackish purple almost to the core with a delicious sweet flavour.  7-8” tapered roots.

Tomato Indigo Apple


Indigo Apple is an early maturing indeterminate variety producing heavy sets of 90-100gm tomatoes of sweet and aromatic flavour with purple markings which is brought and highlighted by direct exposure to sunlight.

Flower Sprouts Kale / Brussel Sprout Cross


An exciting new British bred cross between Kale and Brussels sprouts, producing open rosettes of kale like frilled edged buttons on a tall long stalk.  For those less keen on Brussels sprouts the flavour is of spring greens with purple, green or bi-coloured leaves.  The plants are very productive, winter hardy and perfect as an…

Dwarf Italian Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco


Dwarf Italian Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco bush version of this stunning Italian bean much in demand and prized for its ‘Tongue of Fire’ red pods up to 8 in/20 cm long.  Very early and extremely productive, these beans are white with red specks and great in soups.   Can also be eaten like fresh green beans before…

Tomatillo Purple Physalis Ixocarpa


Tomatillo Purple Physalis Ixocarpa. Often referred to as husk tomatoes, this attractive purple variety. Produces good crops of 2 celled rounded berries,  1 to 2 inches in diameter, enclosed in the thin husk of it’s extended calyx.

Kohlrabi – Delicacy Purple


A modern very productive variety producing good sized semi globe roots which are slightly more tender and stronger flavoured than the white variety. Ready in around 60-100 days.

Cucumber Dragon Egg


An heirloom originating in Croatia producing attractive cream coloured fruit each the size of a goose egg.  Perfect for snacks being mild, bitter free and slightly sweet.  Yields are extremely high.  Will need support.

Brussel Sprout – Red Bull


One of the best Red varieties delivering smaller yields than its green cousins but with fantastic dark red colouration and a mild, delicate nutty flavour.  The Red colour intensifies as winter approaches with the cooler weather

Squash Summer – Zephyr F1


A unique summer squash (used like a courgette), Zephyr F1 produces vigorous crops of two-tone coloured 4-6 In ,yellow squash with faint white stripes and light-green blossom ends.  The squashes are crisp with an almost nutty flavour.

Pepper Hot – Orange Koral


An early maturing and productive hot cherry variety, Orange Koral ripens  from dark green to an orange-yellow at maturity with a heat of 40,000 scoviles.  The fruits average 2cm in diameter  and 15-20 grams.

Celeriac Giant Prague


Celeriac Giant Prague. An heirloom variety introduced in 1871 producing large 5″ round crisp bulbous white roots with a wonderful piquant flavour, similar to celery. A versatile vegetable for mash, soups, stews or grated raw in salads. Stores well after autumn harvest.

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