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What to plant for wildlife

A year-round approach for wildlife

By taking a year-round approach, you can create a wildlife-friendly garden that provides consistent resources throughout the seasons for wildlife. It is important to carefully choose a wide variety of plants that will provide resources such as food, shelter, and nectar at different times of the year.

By carefully planning your garden, you can create a continuous and reliable source of food and shelter for the local wildlife throughout the year.

Of course, if you don’t want to go to the effort of curating such a comprehensive wildlife-friendly garden, there is another excellent option – planting a bee and butterfly mix. This stunning combination of annual and perennial flowers is specifically designed to maximise nectar for pollinators.


In early spring, varieties like pansies or crocus provide vital nectar for emerging pollinators after dormancy, such as bees and butterflies.

Pansy – Cool Wave Mixed

Producing stunning display with a mix of purple, white, yellow, and bicolour blooms.


Pansy – Cool Wave Violet

Producing stunning displays of purple and white blooms on vigorous trailing plants.



As summer arrives, incorporate vibrant annual flowers, which are rich in nectar, such as Cosmos or Osteospermum, to sustain an abundance of pollinators

Cosmos Bipinnatus – Fizzy Pink

Makes a great addition to any garden delivering stunning displays of pink, semi-double flowers.


Osteospermum Sky And Ice

These white daisies have strongly contrasting steel-blue centres and dark glossy green foliage.



As autumn approaches, include plants with colourful foliage and showy seed heads like sunflowers or echinacea. These provide food and cover for migrating birds or overwintering insects.

Sunflower Giant Grey Striped

A single stem giant Russian sunflower that grows to 6ft+ in height, but often much higher.


Echinacea Coneflower Purple

A Hardy colourful “Herbaceous Perennial” with long-lasting, large purple flowers.



Even in the dormant winter months, evergreen hollies or winterberry shrubs can help sustain wildlife when other resources are scarce.

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