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Viola Sorbet F1


A prolific long flowering F1 viola, perfect for winter and spring into summer hanging baskets delivering outstanding performance all season long with a broad spectrum of single and bi-colour blooms.  Height 15-20cm. Spread 30-35cm. Flowers are edible.

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Cultivation advice Viola Sorbet F1

  •  For earliest colour, sow seeds in warmth 6 to 8 weeks before last frost covering seeds with 1/16 inch fine soil. Germination takes 10-20 days with the seeds needing darkness to germinate.
  • Keep soil moderately moist during germination
  • For later blooms sow directly outdoors in mid spring after danger of serious frost has passed. Seeds can also be sown outdoors in late summer or earliest fall in mild winter areas.
  •  Gradually acclimatize young plants outdoors after all frosts have passed, planting out 6-8 inches between plants.

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We accept all major credit and debit cards

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