Swiss Chard FIRE Fresh F1


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A new hybrid baby leaf Swiss / red chard being used by commercial growers throughout the season. It develops very quickly from sowing with, pristine uniformity, high germination and an outstanding colour contrast between leaf and petiole, perfect for baby leaf and salads.  Develops well for mature Chard.  This robust variety shows good resistance to fungal diseases and bolting. Height at full maturity 45 cm (18″). Spread: 40 cm (16″).


  • Direct sow outdoors from March to August after the soil has warmed in your location.
  • Best grown in a well prepared, moist, fertile seedbed in full sun or partial shade.
  • Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 1 cm (½”) in drills 30 cm (12″) apart.
  • Start harvesting early thinning seedlings to 7 cm (3″) apart for ‘baby leaves’ which will be fully ready to harvest approximately 50 days from sowing.
  • For mature plants continue to thin to 15 cm (6″) apart, or 23 cm (9″) for mature plants.