Squash – Di Albenga O Trombetta


  • Size: 2gm

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Squash – Di Albenga O Trombetta 2 GM ~ Approx 20 Seeds

An Heirloom Italian climbing Courgette / Summer Squash producing numerous lime green fruits with a curvaceous trumpet shape best harvested at 12-15 Inch long.  The flesh is seedless and firm with a delicate mild taste and hint of nutty artichoke.  The rambling plants will soon cover a trellis, fence or stakes with graceful fruits that hang amongst a lush canopy of big heart shaped leaves. Full sun. Fruits will reach 3 ft in left to fully mature.


This seed is supplied in premium pictorial packets direct from Italy.

Cultivation instructions provided on the packet.

Packet Size 12 x 17 cm