Pepper Hot – Sigaretta Di Bergamo – 2.5 Gram


  • Size: 2.5 gm

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Pepper HOT – SIGARETTA DI Bergamo

Pepper Hot – Sigaretta Di Bergamo – 2.5 Gram. An Heirloom variety originating from the Bergamo region, Italy.  The slender slightly wrinkled pods average 10-15 cm in length maturing from green to a deep red at full maturity.  They have a sweet flavour with a mild level of heat, traditionally used fresh  on Pizza?s and for pickling in Vinegar.  The bushy plant grows up to 60 cm high and are prolific plants.


This seed is supplied in premium pictorial packets direct from Italy.

Cultivation instructions provided on the packet.

Packet Size 12 x 17 cm