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PEA PURPLE BLAUWSCHOKKER is a captivating heirloom pea plant originating from the Netherlands with distinctive purple pods. The plant also produces striking flowers and is equally at home in the veg patch or as part of a flower border.  This plant offers versatility in harvesting as you can either pick early for snow peas or allow the pods to mature for shelling peas.



Plant where peas have not been grown for 2 seasons, digging in well rotted organic matter.

Sow from early Mar 2? deep in 6? wide rows 2 inches apart.

The distance between the rows should equal the expected height of the variety.

Avoid sowing during any cold or very wet periods

Protect immediately from birds.

Keep weed free.

Start picking the pods just as the peas inside start to form as Mangetout or leave to mature for shelling peas, early and regular picking will also improve the cropping and flavour of the peas.