Organic Lettuce – Romaine Parris Island


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Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Cos

Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Cos is Tall, compact, dark-green variety. Slightly curly leaves with creamy-white hearts and midribs that are crunchy and juicy. Good bolt resistance, crisp, sweet flavour and high disease resistance make this an excellent romaine. 80-83 days.

Cultivation Advice Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Cos

  • Lettuce is hardy and can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked.
  • Can be direct seeded, 3 seeds every 8 inches in rows 8-12 inches apart, as early as the soil can be worked or grown indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Cover seed lightly with about 1/8 inch of fine soil, and firm soil gently. Thin young seedlings to one plant per spot.
  • Sow every 3 weeks for a continuous supply of fresh lettuce.
  • Seeds germinate even at low 40-degree F soil temperature, but poorly above 75-85-degree F.
  • In dry weather, keep soil moist.