Green Manure Tares Organic Seed


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Green Manure Tares Organic Seed

Green Manure Tares Organic Seed is an excellent Green Manure variety. It prefers heavier soils where it will add essential nutrients and organic matter when dug in. Does not thrive in acid soils. Sowing rates is 10-15 gm per square meter and can be dug in any time after 8-12 weeks prior to self seeding or left as a ground cover / weed suppressant over winter adding essential nitrogen. Reaches 50cm tall with 30cm spread. (80gm packet is suitable for approximately 5-10 square metres)

Cultivation Advice Green Manure Tares Organic Seed

  • Thinly broadcast scatter in the late spring or autumn in situ. on turned over weed free soil
  • Gently rake into the growing location.
  • You can be sow it from March, May and July to October.
  • Germination takes place 10-14 days above 15°c soil temperature. Plants mature in 8-12 weeks
  • Dig the plants into the soil early spring from over-wintering or early summer from a spring sowing as a green manure prior to planting future crops.