Climbing Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco 2 Organic


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Climbing Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco 2 Organic

Climbing Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco 2 Organic version of this fantastic Heirloom Italian favourite which produces a prolific crop with dual (or triple even if you count the ornamental pods) purpose beans for use as your normal, green pod bean or as a dry bean. Spectacular, large, roundish pods splashed and striped decoratively with bright red can be eaten young as any bean or left to mature for the colourful beans which are great fresh or frozen and have excellent flavour.

Cultivation Advice Climbing Borlotto Bean Lingua Di Fuoco 2 Organic

Time to harvest: 12-14 weeks

Germination time: 7-14 days

Planting Depth: 2 inch

Spacing, Row: 18 inches

Spacing, Seeds: 6-9 inches

Light: Sunny Location

  • Beans are hungry crops that require ample organic matter dug in prior to sowing.
  • Sow in pots undercover in April for an earlier harvest or directly outside when all danger of frost has passed.
  • Protect young plants from pests.
  • Loosely tie in young plants to supports.
  • Feed once in flower with a high-potash fertiliser to prolong cropping.
  • Harvest pods when young for fresh beans or leave pods to dry on the vines for beans to store.