Chicory Red – Rossa Di Treviso 4 (Early) Organic


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  • Item: Red / Rossa Di Treviso 4
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  • Size: 2.5gm
  • Seed Count: 2250
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Chicory Red – Rossa Di Treviso 4 (Early) Organic

A stunning classic Italian Chicory variety producing long pointed foliage. The foliage starts green and turns to the classic red as the weather becomes colder in autumn. Can also be forced like Witloof to produce paler, tender shoots. (2.5 Gram per pack~ approx 2250 seeds)

Cultivation Advice Chicory Red – Rossa Di Treviso 4 (Early) Organic

  • Sow thinly 8-10mm deep under protection in very early February to April for earliest harvest in summer. Or best Jun to August outdoors to harvest Oct-Dec.
  • Can be sown under glass all year round for fresh ‘salad leaves’, but needs cold to develop red colour.
  • Keep weed free and well watered.
  • In late autumn when temperatures fall, the outer leaves will close together tightly to form heads and the colours will form and intensify.