Cabbage Red Express Organic


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Cabbage Red Express Organic

CABBAGE RED EXPRESS ORGANIC. A new fast maturing variety which heads up quickly delivering a 2-4lb head with excellent appearance and flavour.  Ideal for smaller gardens as can be sown far more densely than other types.  Performs better in cooler areas and outside of mid- summer.  Perfect for early spring and autumn sowings.

Cultivation Advice Cabbage Red Express Organic

Days to Germination: 10-15

Days To Maturity:  60-75

Planting Depth: 1/8″

Spacing, Row: 15-18 inches

Spacing, Plant: 8-12″

Light: Sunny Location

  • Start seed indoors or in greenhouse in early spring (5-7 weeks before planting outdoors). Or plant directly outdoors in mid spring for mid summer harvest.
  • Can also be sown Sept – Oct for over-wintering and early spring harvest.
  • Sow 2-3 seeds together every 12-18 inches.
  • When seedlings are 1 inch tall thin to one plant every 12-18 inches.
  • Plant cabbage in a sunny location where no cabbage was grown the year before.Keep weed free, moist and protect against pests.